My current role is Vice President of Marketing for Infuz, a leading digital agency based in St Louis, MO.

My areas of expertise and focus include effective online branding, Web Content Management Systems (Drupal, Joomla, Ektron, DNN, Escenic, Fatwire, Interwoven and more), social media, SEO/SEM, Web metrics & analytics, online solution development and application integration, including transactional systems and eCRM.

I have worked as a strategist, business analyst, PM, account director and in new business development with experience in multiple industries, including automotive, consumer goods, financial services and healthcare.

My first job was with a company that developed SCM solutions that was acquired by SAP. From there I switched to information management in automotive and then a software division of Xerox that was focused on content management.

I am lucky to have been involved with the Web since the mid-90s and had a wild ride – including an IPO and a failed start-up I helped found – during the dot-com boom and bust. Things have calmed since then, with stints at a large bank, Proxicom/iCrossing (yes, again), Macquarium, and yet another start-up.

Recently, my focus has been on leveraging open source frameworks, content-driven marketing and social media to help brands large and small seek digital nirvana. I am also intrigued by the wealth of behavioral and transactional data (aka “Big Data”) that is the talk of the town these days, cutting-edge analytics, as well as integrating online and offline behavior and facilitating effective attribution. Here I see lot of tools flooding the market, some of which are promising, but a lack of robust, rigorous analysis, which I feel will inevitably lead to what Gartner calls the Trough of Disillusionment.