My current role is Vice President, Platform Services for Adaptive Audience, an integrated digital media and analytics platform.

My areas of expertise and focus include effective online branding, Web Content Management Systems (Drupal, Joomla, Ektron, DNN, Escenic, Fatwire, Interwoven and more), social media, SEO/SEM, Web metrics & analytics, online solution development and application integration, including transactional systems and eCRM.

I have worked as a strategist, business analyst, project manager, account director and in new business development with experience in multiple industries, including automotive, consumer goods, financial services and healthcare. I have also worked internationally and have helped companies set up operations in Munich, London and Prague.

My first job was with a company that developed supply chain ERP solutions for the aerospace & defense industry that was later acquired by SAP to form the A&D module of R/3. From there I switched to data and content management in the automotive industry and then a software division of Xerox that focused on enterprise content management.

I was then fortunate enough to join Proxicom, one of the first pure-play Internet consulting firms, and have been involved with the Web ever since. It’s been a wild ride – including one successful IPO, co-founding a couple of start-ups and successfully raising early-stage venture funding – during the dot-com boom & bust and the years since.

Recently, my focus has turned to Advertising Technology, where I see a lot of potential for improvement and future opportunity. My current focus is on data-driven targeting, programmatic buying, analytics and cross-channel media optimization.  I am also intrigued by the wealth of behavioral and transactional data that is enabling advanced audience development, targeting and optimization, cutting-edge analytics, as well as integrating online and offline behavior and facilitating effective media-mix modeling and dynamic attribution. Here I see lot of tools flooding the market, some of which are promising point-solutions, but also note a lack of complete, integrated holistic solutions and robust, rigorous analysis, which I feel will inevitably lead to what Gartner calls the Trough of Disillusionment.

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