I am a divorced father of three wonderful children – Maret, Dylan & Finn – who I love more than anything. We live in the wonderful city of Decatur, an in-town suburb of Atlanta, where they attend Decatur High School.

Now 16, Maret is a very clever student in 12th grade, while Dylan and Finn are freshman. While there is always room to grow, all three are good students who enjoy learning and have a lively temperament and, I like to think, a good character.

The pictures below were taken in the Spring of 2012, some in Macon, GA on the set of Zombie Crush – A Teenage Zomedy where the kids were extras, the last one in front of our home in Atlanta.

Maret on the Set of Zombie Crush

Maret, Chilin’ on the Set

Finn as a Zombie

Finn as a Zombie

Dylan and Finn Headed to School

Dylan and Finn Headed to School

Maret On Her Way to School

Maret on Her Way to School

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