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Some readers will find themselves somewhat confused by the title of today’s post. Many others will have recognized instantly the significance of it. Others yet might be intrigued and eager to learn more. Some will quickly leave my blog – … Continue reading

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Effective Analytics Requires Actual Analysis, not Just Tools or Data

In a previous post we examined business’ new-found love of metrics & analytics data in their quest to prove the efficacy of marketing programs, specifically initiatives around social media and other popular initiatives long on buzz but short on proven … Continue reading

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Exploring What Content Curation Is and Isn’t, What it Can and Cannot Do In my last entry, I discussed the pivotal role that compelling, current and relevant content plays in SEO performance. And, while being discovered and getting traffic is … Continue reading

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The Abdominizer, the Hollywood Diet, Black Hat SEO and Other Myths

Why There Are No Shortcuts to Online Success As Americans, we’re conditioned to expect instant gratification. It seems at every turn we are offered quick and easy solutions to tough problems and are promised rapid results with little or no … Continue reading

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