PART 2 – Using Data-Centric Insights to Drive Effective Media Strategy

This is the second white paper in a two-part series exploring how big data is revolutionizing digital marketing. PART 1 – Getting from Data to Actionable Insight explained the data challenge and the promise it offered but with a focus on how to . . . → Read More: INSIGHT TO ACTION – A FRAMEWORK FOR DATA-DRIVEN MEDIA

Advertising That Works. Sorta.

Big Data, Analytics and Programmatic Buying Are No Panacea

Harvard Business Review recently devoted much of their March 2013 print issue, including the cover, to digital advertising and the way big data and analytics are transforming the field. You can read an intro to the piece here, but will have to subscribe to get the . . . → Read More: Advertising That Works. Sorta.

We’re All Techies Now

The Marine Corps has a saying that, when things get serious, it doesn’t matter if you’re a cook, a truck driver, clerk or radio operator. When the shit hits the fan, everyone’s a rifleman. As a result, every Marine, regardless of military occupational specialty, is trained in basic rifle marksmanship and required to regularly qualify . . . → Read More: We’re All Techies Now

Business Seems Stuck in the 90s When it Comes to the Mobile Internet

Attend any digital marketing conference and you quickly realize who the belle of the ball is these days. Everyone, from agencies, management consultants, publishers, to technology vendors, seems to be obsessed with mobile. Everyone except business, that is. For while mobile currently makes up around 16% of total Internet traffic, and its rapid growth promises . . . → Read More: Business Seems Stuck in the 90s When it Comes to the Mobile Internet


Some readers will find themselves somewhat confused by the title of today’s post. Many others will have recognized instantly the significance of it. Others yet might be intrigued and eager to learn more. Some will quickly leave my blog – I expect abandonment and drop-off to be a bit higher for this entry, but I . . . → Read More: 42

The Abdominizer, the Hollywood Diet, Black Hat SEO and Other Myths

Why There Are No Shortcuts to Online Success

As Americans, we’re conditioned to expect instant gratification. It seems at every turn we are offered quick and easy solutions to tough problems and are promised rapid results with little or no effort – as long as we’re willing to ante up and pay for the latest . . . → Read More: The Abdominizer, the Hollywood Diet, Black Hat SEO and Other Myths

True Sustainability Can Compete

Protecting the environment – or at least purporting or appearing to do so – seems all the rage these days. Recent events, such as BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the gulf, countless food scares, and reports on natural gas “fracking”, climate change, hypoxic dead-zones and huge fields of plastic floating in our oceans have . . . → Read More: True Sustainability Can Compete

Real Issues Drive Real Engagement

Yesterday I wrote about the recent rush by companies to vehemently and vocally trumpet their sustainability and corporate social responsibility efforts in an attempt to either plug into the current Zeitgeist of consumers or, in cases like BP and many large banks, attempt to counteract the negative publicity resulting from some fairly egregious lapses. I . . . → Read More: Real Issues Drive Real Engagement

Being Real is Being Relevant

Unless you’ve been living under a rock – and, given the state of the housing market these days, this is not altogether unlikely – you have probably noticed that a ton of companies and brands seem to be falling all over themselves to show how much they care about environmental and social issues. Corporate . . . → Read More: Being Real is Being Relevant