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Dan has close to 15 years of experience in the field of information technology, brand development, and interactive marketing, working with brands that include Bayer AG, BMW, Daimler-Benz, Deutsche Bank, H&R Block and Wachovia. His diverse background includes service in our nation’s military, and stints at Xerox, TSYS, several technology start-ups and leading interactive agencies in Europe and the United States. Originally from Germany, he has lived and worked in Germany, the Czech Republic, Greece and England before settling in Atlanta in 2005. A PMI-certified Project Management Professional and a Six Sigma greenbelt, his experience includes digital strategy, solution sales, new business development, enterprise systems implementation, project and program management, SEO/SEM and Web Analytics. Dan holds a BS in Business Management from Arizona State University and an MBA with concentration in international business from the European University in Montreux, Switzerland. The parent of three young children, Dan’s interest in environmental sustainability issues stems from concerns over their future well-being and his international background have given him an enlightened perspective on the challenges we face and the approaches other countries and societies have taken in addressing them. Dan blogs about technology, his love of writing, interactive marketing, brand development and strategy and whatever or whoever might have pissed him off the week before.


Some readers will find themselves somewhat confused by the title of today’s post. Many others will have recognized instantly the significance of it. Others yet might be intrigued and eager to learn more. Some will quickly leave my blog – … Continue reading

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Effective Analytics Requires Actual Analysis, not Just Tools or Data

In a previous post we examined business’ new-found love of metrics & analytics data in their quest to prove the efficacy of marketing programs, specifically initiatives around social media and other popular initiatives long on buzz but short on proven … Continue reading

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Analytics Today – a Flood of Tools and Data, a Dearth of Insight

Digital marketing practitioners seem to have rediscovered their love of metrics & analytics of late. As a result, witness the current flurry of activity in this space. One suspects this is partly a result of business beginning to question the … Continue reading

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Exploring What Content Curation Is and Isn’t, What it Can and Cannot Do In my last entry, I discussed the pivotal role that compelling, current and relevant content plays in SEO performance. And, while being discovered and getting traffic is … Continue reading

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The Abdominizer, the Hollywood Diet, Black Hat SEO and Other Myths

Why There Are No Shortcuts to Online Success As Americans, we’re conditioned to expect instant gratification. It seems at every turn we are offered quick and easy solutions to tough problems and are promised rapid results with little or no … Continue reading

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True Sustainability Can Compete

Protecting the environment – or at least purporting or appearing to do so – seems all the rage these days. Recent events, such as BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the gulf, countless food scares, and reports on natural gas … Continue reading

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What’s Ailing Our Food System?

(This article first appeared as a guest column in the Saporta Report on May 13th, 2012) When it comes to food in America, we face a Dickensian dichotomy. Parts of our population enjoy abundance and an unprecedented variety of food … Continue reading

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JP Morgan Chase Still Owes me $177.76 – and another $33 Billion to the US Taxpayer

Back in December 2010 I received a letter from Chase Home Finance, the servicer of my mortgage, informing me of an overage in my escrow account. This was not entirely unexpected, given that my escrow account had been running a … Continue reading

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They Steal More than Money

I had been thinking about this article for some time, mulling it over in my mind repeatedly. Each time I thought of the sad examples of humanity that exemplify so much of what is wrong with our country and society … Continue reading

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Real Issues Drive Real Engagement

Yesterday I wrote about the recent rush by companies to vehemently and vocally trumpet their sustainability and corporate social responsibility efforts in an attempt to either plug into the current Zeitgeist of consumers or, in cases like BP and many … Continue reading

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